Een rubric voor een opdracht om een travel brochure te maken. 

  A1 A2 B1 B2
Overall written production
  • Can write simple isolated phrases and sentences.
  • Has a very basic range of simple expressions. 
  • Names of places, directions and common phrases are not always copied correctly. 
  • Can write a series of simple phrases and sentences linked with simple connectors like ‘and’, ‘but’ and ‘because’. 
  • Can write very short, basic descriptions of events and experiences. 
  • Can write straightforward connected texts on a range of familiar subjects within his field of interest. 
  • Can summarise, report and give opinion about factual information. 
  • Can write a description of an event, a recent trip, - real or imagined. 
  • Can write clear detailed texts on a variety of subjects from a number of sources. 
  • Can write clear detailed descriptions of real or imaginary experiences, marking the relationship between ideas in clear connected texts.

  Developing Acceptable Exemplary
  • Brochure lacks creativity and originality.
  • Limited use of graphics, colors, fonts is  demonstrated.
  • Brochure has some visual appeal and uses some graphics and color. 
  • Visuals used mostly support the message in the text. 
  • Brochure design is unique, well-developed and visually attractive. 
  • Brochure demonstrated creativity through good use of color, fonts, graphics that support the message in the text. 

  Developing Acceptable Exemplary
  • Under-developed. 
  • Destination is not well researched. 
  • 1 or less sources are used. 
  • No bibliography is presented. 
  • Moderately-developed.
  • 3 or less sources are used. 
  • Text contains some ineteresting facts based on research gathered. 
  • Evidence of research is provided in the bibliography. 
  • Destination is well researched. 
  • At least 4 internet sources are used as well as appropriate books, magazines and other related material. 
  • Text contains interesting facts based on research gathered. 
  • Evidence of research is provided in the Bibliography. 

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